About LYKÏA's products

All LYKÏA products are unique. Nothing is mass-produced in huge factories. It is only so important for us to emphasize.
Our towels are woven on old semi-automatic manual handlooms, and everything is produced in small family-owned textile workshops. To understand the size ratios, we can say that only approx. 10 towels daily. The towels are therefore all different with small charming biases and variations, precisely because the towels are woven on these special, old looms. The unique weaving gives the towel many advantages such as a really good absorbency, incredible softness and a pleasant warmth

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LYKÏA and sustainability

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand with us. Therefore, all the cotton for LYKÏA's towels is grown locally in Turkey. We have a strong focus on decent working conditions and fair wages for our weavers and seamstresses. The good quality means you can use our towelsyear after year, and they only get softer and softer with each wash.
The yarn in our multicolored towels is surplus yarn from the weaver's other products. This way we avoid waste and get unique color combinations every time.
Our kilim cushions are sewn from handwoven vintage rugs from eastern Turkey. Each kilim rug is completely unique and tells its own little authentic story.
The carpet weaving business is a typical women's business and keeps many Turkish women busy even to this day.

The name LYCÏA

LYKÏA's towels are made in the respected textile area around Denizli in southwestern Turkey. Denizli has more than 1,500 years of weaving experience. In the past, this area was called Lycia and with a little delicious rewriting, our name LYKÏA arose.

About us behind LYKÏA

"We simply can't help it, so now we're doing it!"

In the last 17 years, we have traveled to Turkey many times. We have always been enchanted by the beautiful colors and patterns of the old culture and the traditional craftsmanship behind it. During the summer holidays 2020, we decided to share these beauties with you.
Behind the brand LYKÏA we stand, a Danish / Turkish couple, Trine Egeskov Patatoglu & Emre Patatoglu. Trine with a textile background and Emre with an uncontrollable entrepreneurial spirit. We live in Aarhus, but always with one foot in Turkey, where Emre's family still lives.

We dream of bringing useful, beautiful everyday products into Danish homes. Our wish is to inspire personal furnishing of the stylish Scandinavian home. Contemporary products for the quality-conscious consumer.

We hope you will enjoy our little universe.

Best regards, Trine & Emre.

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