Hammam towel - chilli


Lovely lightly striped hammam towel woven in 100% cotton.

These soft hammam towels are woven in Turkey on old-fashioned manual wooden handlooms. Sustainably woven in small batches.

The hammam towel measures approx. 94 cm x 186 cm, as everything is handmade, the size may vary slightly.

The cloth's multifunctional use and aesthetic design mean that these hammam towels can be used as a tablecloth for the table, as a baby blanket, on the beach, as a forest trip blanket or scarf and of course in the bath.


Please wash before use. Follow these instructions for longer shelf life.

Wash at 40 degrees. Shrinkage may occur.

Withstands tumble drying. The tumble dryer puts unnecessary wear and tear on your towels and can cause significant shrinkage.

This unique blend of the natural materials linen and cotton becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Have fun with these unique hammam towels, which, with their relaxed structure, do not resemble other towels.